What are small stones?

What are Small Stones?

Small stones are an observed moment,
written down. My small stones were initially inspired by the River of Stones
project each January, which sees hundreds of people observing a moment or
experience in their day and writing it down for the month. They can then be
shared on blogs, Facebook, Twitter or just written in a notebook, on a pebble,
the loo roll... To find out more about the flow of this simple movement to bring
more presence and awareness into our lives, check out the following link:

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Out looking for a meteor shower,
my eyes were opened wide
by a different kind of star
almost beneath my feet,
shuffling her pregnant body slowly
along the pavement towards the park.
Stopping to sniff and peer at me
through the night and street light,
vulnerable and curious,
spectacular as any shining
trail of comet dust above.