What are small stones?

What are Small Stones?

Small stones are an observed moment,
written down. My small stones were initially inspired by the River of Stones
project each January, which sees hundreds of people observing a moment or
experience in their day and writing it down for the month. They can then be
shared on blogs, Facebook, Twitter or just written in a notebook, on a pebble,
the loo roll... To find out more about the flow of this simple movement to bring
more presence and awareness into our lives, check out the following link:

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Mindful Writing Day Small Stones!

Waking up to Mindful Writing Day, I found my first small stone before I was even out of bed!

A ripe new day ahead
expectant with small stones...
Each moment offering itself
for birth into words.
See, it begins already!
My eyes still opening,
the curtains not yet drawn.


Then approaching the very end of the day, coming home from work, I found a second...

A rubbish bin turned over,
I cycle my tyres carefully through this beautiful minefield,
shards of glass glinting like fallen stars
scattering a galaxy across the road.